Hardwood Floor Care and Maintenance Minnesota

We know that you take pride in the beauty of your home just as we take pride in the products and exemplary service that we offer to you. We are experts in installing, repairing and refinishing hardwood flooring. Don’t leave your hardwood floors to chance. Correct care for your wood floors will help to keep it looking beautiful longer.

When work is complete
The floor may be walked on with socks 24 hours after the last coat is applied. Furniture can be replaced in the rooms 48 hours after completion. Area carpets can be re-set 14 days after completion. The finish is fully cured in 14-30 days.

Use protective felt pads
On feet of furniture & any items that come in contact with the floor. Check felt at least once a month to ensure it is intact, especially on chair legs. This material can be purchased at most hardware stores. (Home Depot, Lowes, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ace Hardware, True Value)

Don’t let sand dirt or grit build up
They can act like sandpaper & actually abrade & dull your floor finish.

Vacuum or sweep floor regularly
General cleaning once a week is recommended.

Remove spills promptly
Use Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner to clean floors. (Found at Lowes, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ace Hardware, or True Value Hardware).

Never wet mop a wood floor
Excessive amounts of water can cause your floor to swell & cup. Don’t use wax, oil soap, or other industrial household cleaners – These products can adversely affect the appearance of the finish & make re-coating impossible.

Maintain a consistent humidity level
Excessive swings in humidity levels will cause wood floors to swell, shrink, cup, crack & show gaps between boards. The use of a humidifier and/or de-humidifier system is recommended where inconsistent humidity levels occur.

No spiked heels
Spiked heels can easily dent & gouge your floor.

Periodically check the floors for wear patters & dulling areas. We can buff & recoat the floor which adds to the life of the wood by removing surface scratches & building a protective layer. This should be considered every 3 to 5 years.

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