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If you are wondering if repairing your hardwood floor is worth the effort, consider all the benefits of keeping a hardwood floor intact! Hardwood floors offer many more benefits than other options, including the fact that they are the most economical choice because they really don’t ever have to be replaced- they can always be repaired in a majority of circumstances. Having and keeping hardwood floors will increase the value of your home and add warmth, style, and beauty. Hardwood floors, when properly maintained and cared for, are an understated, yet stunning, addition to any room.

With over two decades of working in the Twin Cities regional area, Greatwoods Flooring has extensive experience with all types of hardwood flooring at all ages. We will work attentively with customers to understand any special needs, finances, and outcome expectancy.

Screening and recoating is a process of ‘buffing’ and using a top coat to freshen up hardwood floors in a method that is faster and cheaper than refinishing. In most cases, the floors are ready to use the very next day. Care and maintenance is highly stressed because recoating can only be done successfully if the current top coat hasn’t been worn away completely. If there is damage or it’s been years since your hardwood floors has been recoated, then it’s going to take a full refinish in order to get that gleaming appearance you desire.

Our company has been in the flooring industry for decades and, if applicable, can recoat your hardwood floors back to its original shine and beauty. Our employees will always take great care to ensure that your home is treated with care and respect and we always take the time to assess your needs.

Call Great Woods Hardwood Flooring at 651-329-2226 and we can evaluate the condition of your floors to see how we can best help you.

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